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mergermerg‧er /ˈmɜːdʒə $ ˈmɜːrdʒər/ ●○○ noun [countable]  BBthe joining together of two or more companies or organizations to form one larger onemerger of/between a proposed merger between two of the largest software companiesmerger with There has been a lot of talk about a merger with another leading bank. merger negotiations
Examples from the Corpus
mergerContinuing international consolidation through cross-border mergers is likely in the near future.In later sections I present a fuller discussion of merger.The number of trusts has been falling, though only slowly, mainly as a result of mergers.Indeed, in the 1960s there was a surge of merger activity which peaked over 1967/9.These of course are the mergers most relevant to the formation of even larger companies with potential monopoly power.The bank said it had notified 1,750 workers they were being fired as a result of the merger.merger withNorton Co. has agreed to a $1.8 billion merger with the French firm.
From Longman Business Dictionarymergermerg‧er /ˈmɜːdʒəˈmɜːrdʒər/ noun [countable] FINANCE an occasion when two or more companies, organizations etc join together to form a larger company etcmerger betweenA merger between similar banks in the same area should enable them to eliminate 40% of the expenses of one of the banks.The two airlines ended merger talks (=discussions about the possibility of merging) after failing to agree on how much of the combined company each side would own.The merger proposal calls for the three companies to be combined into a new entity.the terms of the merger agreementThe merger frenzy (=when a lot of mergers are taking place) has helped push up cable valuations to record highs on Wall Street. conglomerate merger cross-border merger defensive merger friendly merger full merger horizontal merger reverse merger stock merger vertical merger
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