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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmerrimentmer‧ri‧ment /ˈmerɪmənt/ noun [uncountable]  literaryLAUGH laughter, fun, and enjoyment Her eyes sparkled with merriment. the sounds of merriment
Examples from the Corpus
merrimentThe drinking and merriment were not enough to take his mind off Dinah.Some attended secret Christmas Day church services, while many more continued to celebrate the day with traditional feasting and merriment.For his old-fashioned masculinity is the cause of continual merriment on my part.The London skyline, the Post Office Tower, the sounds of distant merriment.I mentioned this to my parents over lunch and it naturally caused much merriment.Or was the whole episode simply an occasion for our own informed superior merriment?He still wore his expression of vacuous merriment, which must have been habitual rather than assumed in my honour.When he pulls it out, the others explode with merriment.Weeping with merriment, gleeful through and through, she never relaxed her grip.
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