Language: Old English
Origin: myrge, merge



Merry Christmas!

used to say that you hope someone will have a happy time at Christmas [= Happy Christmas]
2 literary happy [= cheerful, jolly]:
He marched off, whistling a merry tune.
He's a lovely man with merry eyes and a wide smile.

the more the merrier

spoken used to say that you are happy for other people to join you in what you are doing:
'Do you mind if I bring Tony?' 'No, of course not. The more the merrier.'
4 [not before noun] British English informal slightly drunk [= tipsy]

make merry

old-fashionedDL to enjoy yourself by drinking, singing, laughing, etc:
Christmas is a time to eat, drink and make merry.
6 old use pleasant:
the merry month of June
merriness noun [uncountable]

➔ play (merry) hell with something

at hell1 (25)

; ➔ lead somebody a merry old dance

at lead1 (19)

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