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merry-go-roundˈmerry-go-ˌround noun  1 [countable]DLO a machine that turns around and around, and has model animals or cars for children to sit on syn carousel American English, roundabout British English2 [singular]FAST/QUICK a series of similar events that happen very quickly one after anothermerry-go-round of the endless Washington merry-go-round of parties and socializing
Examples from the Corpus
merry-go-roundBut life with Thomas isn't just a merry-go-round it can be swings and roundabouts.a merry-go-round of strikes, cash problems and closing banksThe Eagles have infuriated their fans by letting top quality players join the free-agency merry-go-round.Granted, life's not a continual merry-go-round, but it's also not all bleakness either.The only losers on this extremely lucrative merry-go-round are the women.But the marital merry-go-round Chez Reeves is no exaggeration.The outcome of the political merry-go-round that sets nominal tax rates has produced a roughly proportionate tax structure.As there will be no catch in this chaos we simply reel in and watch the merry-go-round.But if Labour do win they will make the usual hash of things and then the whole merry-go-round will begin again.
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