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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmessiahmes‧si‧ah /məˈsaɪə/ noun [singular]  1 the Messiah2 LEADERsomeone who people believe will solve all their problems The club was in desperate need of a new footballing messiah.
Examples from the Corpus
messiahWhen he visited the United States in 1882, he was accorded a welcome by the faithful befitting a messiah.But they're not hip-hop messiahs come to lead a supposedly stagnating genre out of the dark ages.A year and a half before, he had become famous overnight, as an industrial messiah.Dilbert is the new management messiah.And, like all peasant messiahs, Mao promised a society in which all men would be equal.The media made him out to be a political messiah.When confronted with the messiah being humiliated, tortured and killed, Peter refuses to listen.
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