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messianicmes‧si‧an‧ic /ˌmesiˈænɪk◂/ adjective formal  1 CHANGE/MAKE something DIFFERENTsomeone who has messianic beliefs wants to make very big social or political changes Many young people have an admirable messianic zeal about them.2 RRCrelating to or involving the Messiah
Examples from the Corpus
messianicIn the years that followed, Fred Eaton would become messianic about the water shortage he saw approaching.But then if Lubavitch is right and the messianic age is upon us, the criticisms will scarcely matter very much.The ironic vision destroys such messianic aspirations.We are in mourning for the passing of our messianic delusions.But they radiate a splendid messianic heat.The primary significance of the words which refer to the bread seems to belong to the image of the messianic kingdom.Hard to imagine anyone using that kind of messianic language today.Unable to offer even partial comfort here and now, they promised a glorious messianic redemption in the end of days.The group works to preserve the environment with messianic zeal.
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