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mestizomes‧ti‧zo /meˈstiːzəʊ $ -zoʊ/ noun (plural mestizos) [countable]  SANsomeone who has one Hispanic parent and one Native American parent
Examples from the Corpus
mestizoI am a mestizo, a cholo.Some maquilas were established in indigenous communities, others among mestizos.That is an insult for mestizos, what you would call a half-breed.He was waitin' fur us at the airport, a mean-faced little mestizo dressed in a pale blue suit.So mestizo culture - reluctant to let go of tradition - created its own deity to host the yearly handout.But the mestizo was a gangster and his prime loyalty would be to himself.A knife-point poked into his back every few seconds, so he knew that the mestizo was close behind him.The mestizos, mulattoes, and whites were brutally murdered as they slept.
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