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metaphysicalmet‧a‧phys‧i‧cal /ˌmetəˈfɪzɪkəl◂/ adjective  RPconcerned with the study of metaphysics A lot of scientists don’t like discussing metaphysical matters.
Examples from the Corpus
metaphysicalAlmost anything is possible, where there are no fundamental metaphysical constraints on the sorts of things that might exist.It is hoped that in this way the metaphysical difficulties surrounding this problem will largely melt away.Simplicity is desirable, in scientific and in metaphysical explanations.Are those empirical credentials sufficient, however, to sustain the metaphysical implications it is thought that the laws have?Symbols everywhere, and metaphysical messages.The dying planet has a metaphysical relationship to my own mortality and to that extent my inquiry into landscape is inherently ironic.I rarely find much satisfaction in debating harder abstractions or metaphysical teasers with him.A metaphysical world view raises the question of why you attracted that event.
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