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metaphysicsmet‧a‧phys‧ics /ˌmetəˈfɪzɪks/ noun [uncountable]  RPthe part of philosophy that is concerned with trying to understand and describe the nature of truth, life, and reality
Examples from the Corpus
metaphysicsBut given, too, Prentice's age, much of the conversation centres on a raw, adolescent metaphysics.A judge and landlord, he throve on amateur metaphysics and early anthropology, purveying monkey theories almost a century ahead of Darwin.The Leibnizian concept of reality always begins with logic and metaphysics, from which one works into progressively more exterior ontological orders.This freedom enables Eliot to find the proper niche for art, science, poetry and metaphysics as meaningful, liberating endeavors.Morality does not depend on our acceptance or rejection of Darwinism, either as biology or as metaphysics.Obviously there are far-reaching differences between early modern metaphysics and post-structuralism.The elimination of metaphysics is not the simple matter that some humanist philosophers have supposed.Public schools should not teach metaphysics without clearly identifying them as such.
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