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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmeticulousme‧tic‧u‧lous /məˈtɪkjələs/ adjective  CAREFULvery careful about small details, and always making sure that everything is done correctly He kept meticulous accounts. Their planning and preparation were meticulous. He cleaned the tools with meticulous care. The book describes his journey in meticulous detail.meticulous in He was meticulous in his use of words.meticulous about He has always been so meticulous about his appearance.see thesaurus at carefulmeticulously adverb The attack was meticulously planned and executed.
Examples from the Corpus
meticulousOur accountant is very meticulous about his work. I can't imagine him ever making a mistake.Geoff, who now runs a successful computer software company, is meticulous about the detail throughout his home.My mother was extremely meticulous and always made sure that every room in the house was spotlessly clean.Hickey was nothing if not meticulous, and he had a flair for obscuring bad news in a fog of pieties.This beautiful piece of jewellery is the work of a meticulous craftsman.Clough's particular strength lay in the meticulous detail in which he recorded field data.a meticulous managerHe would listen to each reply, making meticulous notes as he went.He was also a meticulous parliamentary diarist, providing the fullest known account of debates in 1626,1628, and 1629.The interest was again chiefly rhythmic and required the most meticulous playing by all sections in the orchestra.Massachusetts officials kept meticulous records of trials.Flamsteed, meticulous to a fault, had spent forty years mapping the heavens-and had still not released his data.
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