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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmetiermet‧i‧er /ˈmetieɪ, ˈmeɪ- $ meˈtjeɪ, ˈmetjeɪ/ noun [countable usually singular]  formalDO someone’s metier is the type of work or activity that they enjoy doing because they have a natural ability to do it well Acting is not my metier.
Examples from the Corpus
metierModern music is not his metier.Many of my guests have followed similarly tortuous paths before finding their true metier.
From Longman Business Dictionarymétiermét‧i‧er /ˈmetieɪ, ˈmeɪ-meˈtjeɪ, ˈmetjeɪ/ noun [countable usually singular] formal a kind of work or activity that you enjoy doing because you have a natural ability to do it wellHe found his métier in publishing.
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