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metropolitanmet‧ro‧pol‧i‧tan /ˌmetrəˈpɒlətən◂ $ -ˈpɑː-/ adjective [only before noun]  1 TOWNrelating or belonging to a very large city a metropolitan area of South Australia2 technicalSAN relating to France, rather than its colonies metropolitan France
Examples from the Corpus
metropolitanThe distinction between the metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas lay in the distribution of services between the counties and their districts.Alternative accommodation in the metropolitan area for a new breed of large steamships had become a matter of some urgency.the Miami metropolitan areaSome workers can only afford homes outside metropolitan areas.Home will create a private network packed in major metropolitan areas.the metropolitan authoritiesIt was used to justify the introduction of the poll tax and to justify breaking up metropolitan counties.It has $ 42 billion in outstanding mortgage loans among 502,000 families in metropolitan Los Angeles.The Chamber of Commerce promoted a sleek, sophisticated image of metropolitan Tucson as a good place to live.But the idea of one consolidated government for metropolitan Tucson quickly faded when Volgy left office.
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