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microchipmi‧cro‧chip1 /ˈmaɪkrəʊˌtʃɪp $ -kroʊ-/ (also chip) noun [countable]  TDa very small piece of silicon containing a set of electronic parts, which is used in computers and other machines Japan’s largest producer of microchips the microchip industry
Examples from the Corpus
microchipThis senses the water temperature and sends a signal to the control box where it is processed in a microchip.It's a microchip which, when inserted into some part of the chair, will act like an electronic identity tag.The two are linked via a microchip.A microchip in a couch will sense the presence of a sitter and turn the heat up in the room.Would a certain microchip company survive for twenty years to meet its semiannual interest payments?Most of us are conversant with modems, microchips, and software packages.Neural microchips come in a variety of designs.This machine used valves rather than transistors or microchips and required input in the form of punched cards.
microchipmicrochip2 verb (microchipped, microchipping) [transitive]  to put a microchip in an animal, person, or thing to give information about them syn chipFrom Longman Business Dictionarymicrochipmi‧cro‧chip /ˈmaɪkrəʊˌtʃɪp-kroʊ-/ noun [countable]COMPUTING a very small piece of SILICON containing a set of electronic parts which is used in computers and other machines SYN CHIP, MICROCHIPThe company plans to introduce a new microchip by the end of the year.
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