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microfilmmi‧cro‧film /ˈmaɪkrəʊfɪlm $ -kroʊ-/ noun [countable, uncountable]  TCa type of film on which pictures and writing can be made very small, so that large amounts can be stored easilyon microfilm Most of the daily newspapers are available on microfilm.
Examples from the Corpus
microfilmI had it copied from a microfilm of the Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology for 1975.The division makes and sells copiers, X-ray film, microfilm and professional products.There is a growing microfilm and microfiche collection.The Smithsonian Institute provided eight rolls of microfilm which contained nearly all the blueprints of the aircraft and its components.All bets are recorded on microfilm at the betting shop, but they say they have no trace of it.Now that the portability of the microfilm system makes it an attractive product, the unresolved controversy may resurface.In addition, the monthly updates to the microfilm system need no scissors and paste.
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