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ldoce_224_emicroscopemi‧cro‧scope /ˈmaɪkrəskəʊp $ -skoʊp/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 microscope.jpg THa scientific instrument that makes extremely small things look largerunder/through a microscope Abnormalities in the cells can be seen quite clearly under a microscope. Each sample was examined through a microscope.2 put something under the microscope
Examples from the Corpus
microscopeHe waved a hand toward his battered microscope.Embedded in the sand outside is a broken microscope.Although small, these single crystals can be studied using an electron microscope.Six new stereo microscopes have been ordered.An extended arm supports the microscope head giving stability whilst allowing room for large boards to be examined.For this the sore is gently scraped and any fluid that exudes can then be looked at under the microscope.While the characters flirt with each other in improbable configurations, love, marriage and money come under the microscope.There is a rare form of lung cancer, distinguishable from the usual type only under the microscope.under/through a microscopeThis is peeled off and examined under a microscope.Only when examined under a microscope do the lines reveal themselves as double lines, precisely executed.How to look through a microscope, operate the computer, propagate plants.My father spent days peering through a microscope at ichneumon flies, and he wanted me to do likewise.Their chromosomes can be seen through a microscope, and thousands of genes have been tracked down.That is difficult to do by examining tumors under a microscope.He examined small grains on the surface of water through a microscope.
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