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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmidairmid‧air /ˌmɪdˈeə◂ $ -ˈer◂/ noun   in midairmidair adjective [only before noun] a midair collision
Examples from the Corpus
midairThe simulated disaster in exercise Gryphon's Lift was a midair collision between military and civilian planes over Catterick Garrison.I did not want to die impaled on a boom box during midair turbulence.Billie seemed dazed; her eyes were directed to a point in midair somewhere beyond both men.My father carries me from the car and I glide up two flights of concrete steps, suspended in midair by anti-gravity.Suspended in midair, it pulsed and roiled as birds strained for position in the pack.A few days before the midair save, another orb had been successfully recovered after a gentle landing in the sea.You, with your midair dread, blindly bunched into that swinging house you call a home.
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