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middaymid‧day /ˌmɪdˈdeɪ◂ $ ˈmɪd-deɪ/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  TMCthe middle of the day, at or around 12 oclockmidnightat/around/by etc midday I’m meeting him at midday. I got there around midday. By midday it had begun to warm up. We stopped off in Colchester for our midday meal. the full heat of the midday sun
Examples from the Corpus
middayDetails were to be given at a midday news conference.After the necessary shunting the train returned eastwards around midday.At midday Damian arrived for lunch.By midday Monday, Mr Hickey had worked 28 straight hours, and there was no end in sight.By midday the crops would disappear, only to be replaced next morning by another mountain of crops.The market is closed for its midday break until 2 p. m. Zurich time.The press were barely satisfied with Talbot's midday statement.Le Déjeuner - a simple midday meal after a morning in the fields. 3.It was midday Thursday by the time she returned to the van.midday sunThe burning midday sun roused him from a feverish sleep.Most remarkably it continued to function under California's midday sun, when it's slate grey shell was too hot hold!This involves avoiding the midday sun.He walked by night and slept by day, the midday sun being too hot for him.The inside of the car was hot from the midday sun.He tied me to a post in the midday sun and ordered me to repeat his name ten thousand times.In the midday sun the flooded paddies formed a mirrored mosaic across which tropical clouds scudded in fragmented disarray.The patio gets a southern exposure, and a pergola shades about 75 percent of the midday sun.
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