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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmiddenmid‧den /ˈmɪdn/ noun [countable]  old useHBARUBBISH/WASTE a pile of animal waste or things such as food that have been thrown away
Examples from the Corpus
middenIt stank like a midden and the straw underfoot had lain so long it was a black, oozy mess.A farmyard midden may become waterlogged, its decomposition anaerobic, and substances may be leached out by rain.Does the kitchen midden swell with pride when filled with undifferentiated garbage?Subsequent occupation was represented by a large midden with a considerable amount of pottery.Very few working class houses had indoor lavatories before 1918 and at worst were provided with ash or midden privies.Little remains to mark their passing other than small artifacts, found in the middens of their daily life.
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