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middle-agedˌmiddle-ˈaged ●●○ adjective  1 TMCAGEbetween the ages of about 40 and 60 a middle-aged businessman2 OLD/NOT NEWsomeone who seems middle-aged seems rather dull and does not do exciting or dangerous things Living with Henry had made her feel middle-aged.3 middle-aged spread
Examples from the Corpus
middle-agedSHe tried to imagine the soul of a middle-aged man living in this flesh.He and a 12-year-old boy robbed a middle-aged man of £25 at gunpoint in a Leeds park.Then a third patient, and a fourth and a fifth, all middle-aged men, all soon dead.My wife and I had bought a home and we were ready to settle down into a comfortable middle-aged, middle-class rut.The condition predominantly affects middle-aged or elderly females.It is commonplace to see middle-aged or elderly men as newscasters, but not yet women.Can an old affair that lasted only a year rekindle as middle-aged passion?He proved that it is indeed possible to reverse coronary heart disease in unhealthy middle-aged people.
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