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middle course/way etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmiddle course/way etcmiddle course/way etcMODERATEa way of dealing with something that is between two opposite and often extreme waysmiddle course/way etc between The party is seeking to find a middle way between extreme right-wing and left-wing policies. I try to steer a middle course between keeping control of the project and giving responsibility to others. middle
Examples from the Corpus
steer a middle courseHe steered a middle course between intimacy and aloofness which would have endeared him to the most demanding of guests.Managers must steer a middle course between political correctness and political babble.It has chosen to steer a middle course between them rather than undertake a strategic review.He and Chris tried to steer a middle course during the ritual of drinks before dinner and the meal that followed.I usually steer a middle course which avoids both waste and effort.
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