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middle distance

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmiddle distanceˌmiddle ˈdistance noun   the middle distance
Examples from the Corpus
middle distanceCaptain Samphan was walking fast across the road in the middle distance, ordering some of the troops into the paddy field.His father pushed back his chair and stood and leaned back against the sink, looking into the middle distance.Half the folks gazing placidly into the middle distance were too stoned to blink.Clayt drew up his shoulders and stared into the middle distance, as though he were finished.With glazed eyes he was staring into the middle distance.Like Querelle, men in tatty soiled uniforms are flexing their muscles, while others stare vacantly into the middle distance.Trees and grasses Coming to the middle distance, I now encounter trees.
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middle-distanceˈmiddle-ˌdistance adjective [only before noun]  DSOa middle-distance race is neither very short nor very long, for example 800 or 1,500 metres
Examples from the Corpus
middle-distanceMany of his compositions play with the merging of foreground, middle-distance and background details into one overlapping pattern.Paul Walker added to the Harriers' middle-distance medal tally by grabbing the bronze in the 800 metres.There is natural resentment when a number of our middle-distance stars spend all their time running abroad.
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