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middle ear

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middle earˌmiddle ˈear noun [singular]  HBHthe part just inside your earinner ear
Examples from the Corpus
middle earThree rats in the low fibre diet group suffered from middle ear infections and were removed from the study.When the cause of deafness is not solely in the outer and/or middle ear, high frequencies are likely to be affected.Mean hearing thresholds are related mainly to the presence or absence of fluid in the middle ear.An inflammation in the middle ear called otitis media can cause temporary or even permanent hearing loss.In fact, an ear infection alone can cause sudden severe pain as fluid builds up in the middle ear.Microtympanometry, a sensitive method of diagnosing effusions of the middle ear, could help them in this.Vibrations or sound waves cause the eardrum to vibrate and these vibrations move through the middle ear to the inner ear.There is further evidence that untreated middle ear disease in childhood may have permanent effects.
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