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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmiddle-rankingˌmiddle-ˈranking adjective  having a responsible job or position, but not among the most important people in a company middle-ranking officers and bureaucrats
Examples from the Corpus
middle-rankingThe number of committed liberals among the middle-ranking landowners who dominated the zemstvos was not large.Yet the symptoms of decline were tangible and created a growing sense of embattlement among middle-ranking landowners.This policy was associated with the radical Arab nationalism of the middle-ranking military officers who had carried out the June 1989 coup.The stocky, pixie-faced minister realised he was unlikely to move beyond his middle-ranking position in the Tory hierarchy.In relative terms, Britain was shown to be a middle-ranking power with her ability to take independent military action strictly limited.Even the middle-ranking provincial posts continued to attract humbler noblemen who often took them up after retiring from the army.
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