Language: Old English
Origin: middel


2 adjective
middle2 S1 W2 [only before noun]


nearest the centre and furthest from the edge, top, end etc:
driving in the middle lane of the motorway
the middle drawer of the filing cabinet


half of the way through an event or period of time:
They spent the middle part of their vacation in Florida.
the middle part of the day


between two extreme levels or positions, for example between the best and worst, the biggest and smallest etc:
a car in the middle price range
the middle ranks of the army
a middle-income family

in your middle twenties/thirties etc

TMC about 25, 35 etc years old

middle brother/child/daughter etc

the brother etc who is between the oldest and the youngest

middle course/way etc

a way of dealing with something that is between two opposite and often extreme ways
middle course/way etc between
The party is seeking to find a middle way between extreme right-wing and left-wing policies.
I try to steer a middle course between keeping control of the project and giving responsibility to others.

Middle English/French etc

SLL an old form of English, French etc, used in the Middle Ages (=between 1100 and 1500 AD)

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