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midfieldmid‧field /ˈmɪdfiːld/ noun [uncountable]  1 DSthe middle part of the area where a game such as football is played He plays in midfield. an excellent midfield player2 DSFthe members of a football team who play in the midfield The midfield did very well in the first half.
Examples from the Corpus
midfieldJackson carried the ball out of bounds at midfield.The game also allowed the long-running feud between Limpar and Derby midfield player Mark Pembridge to continue.Graham relished the opportunity to upstage Chelsea and found in the talented Russell the width to dominate the game from midfield.The Spurs chief is determined to beef up his midfield following the departures of Stewart and Paul Gascoigne.Then again I think to enable Speed and Macca to get forward we need a holding midfield player.But everything fell apart and Shields began to slice through a non-existent home midfield.Sandison adopted the McPherson role of organising matters behind the Airdrie defensive line while the midfield remained conservatively deep.The midfield can not easily force the forward into space.
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