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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmidpointmid‧point /ˈmɪdpɔɪnt/ noun [countable usually singular]  MIDDLEa point that is half of the way through or along somethingmidpoint of At the midpoint of the study, all those taking part were interviewed again.
Examples from the Corpus
midpointThe first started deep in South Los Angeles and caught me at midpoint.This is the exact midpoint of the performance, the moment of moments.A straight, uniform and finite line has symmetry about its midpoint.The beach is about a mile long; at its midpoint are a snack bar and restrooms.They wanted to ponder a season that has only reached its midpoint.These numbers are surprisingly low, no junction had a mean accident or risk rating above the midpoint of the scale.The Redskins and the Giants were the leaders as the midpoint in the season drew near.At the midpoint of the session, the activity changes.At the midpoint of the study all interviewers were seen in small groups for a psychological debriefing.By the midpoint of the twentieth century, the economy had begun to improve.We will see how the mummies occupied the midpoint of the most important overland trade route in Eurasian history.
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