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midriffmid‧riff /ˈmɪdrɪf/ noun [countable]  HBHthe part of the body between your chest and your waist
Examples from the Corpus
midriffRuth flinched as droplets of water landed on her bare midriff.He was staring at her midriff.The sharp sensation in her midriff shocked her by its intensity.Were it an elephant, our feet would be in its midriff, our heads just under its rib-cage.The bulge in its midriff testified to that.The trick is preventing the fire in the midriff breaking out into a public conflagration.That accusation was like a blow to the midriff, still as hurtful as ever, nomatterhow often she heard it.Point the chin upwards and feel the wonderful stretch from your midriff up to your chin.
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