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midshipmanmid‧ship‧man /ˈmɪdʃɪpmən/ noun (plural midshipmen /-mən/) [countable]  PMNsomeone who is training to become an officer in the British navy
Examples from the Corpus
midshipmanThat ended a Navy investigation into student drug use, but implicated 24 midshipmen in the buying or use of drugs.He transferred shortly afterwards to the Dragon as an able seaman, but in 1761 he joined the Arrogant as a midshipman.I too joined the navy as a midshipman and went to a variety of establishments for training.And, recently, Aberdeen drill sergeants and Naval Academy midshipmen have been among its most celebrated inmates.The buildings, playing fields, 75 monuments, benches, even trees honor Naval heroes and distinguished classes of midshipmen.Gary Roughead, 45, was endorsed as commandant of midshipmen by Adm.Charles R.. Larson, the academy superintendent who ordered the court-martial, the midshipman will serve 60 days.Kingston's three midshipmen are carefully chosen to satisfy the contemporary patriotic line.
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