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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmidsummermid‧sum‧mer /ˌmɪdˈsʌmə◂ $ -ər◂/ noun [uncountable]  MIDDLEthe middle of summer a perfect midsummer afternoon
Examples from the Corpus
midsummerLovely women are usually asleep at midsummer sunrise.Temperatures plummet to minus sixty degrees or lower at night even at the equator in midsummer.I was visiting here in midsummer, not in spring.Daylight hours are long in midsummer in Alaska.Daylight hours are long in midsummer.It is never quite dark in these parts in midsummer but it could be pretty spooky all the same.In midsummer 1992, there were 278 projects and 3,777 new homes available.From the centre of the circle, it marks the midsummer sunrise, to which the avenue is also aligned.
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