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midwiferymid‧wif‧e‧ry /ˈmɪdˌwɪfəri $ -ˌwaɪfəri/ noun [uncountable]  MBBOthe skill or work of a midwife
Examples from the Corpus
midwiferyRituals and Cults Childbirth classes; procedures and routines of maternity hospitals and midwifery.With the help of her midwifery manager, she raised funds from the hospital to print and collate the material.She said she had assisted in midwifery, accident and surgical cases.Subsequently, many opportunities exist to specialise, for example, in intensive care, in midwifery or in community psychiatric nursing.He left the navy on half-pay in 1785 to spend nine months in London developing his special interest in midwifery.In November 1911, Nurse Fall having resigned, there was no nurse on the staff qualified in midwifery.She began practising midwifery in London around 1610 and was licensed by the bishop of London before 1634.
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