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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmightilymight‧i‧ly /ˈmaɪtəli/ adverb  1 VERYvery a mightily impressive piece of work I was mightily relieved when we landed at Manchester airport.2 STRONG PERSON literary using great strength We laboured mightily to rebuild the walls.
Examples from the Corpus
mightilyAenarion rose and smote the daemon mightily, cleaving its head in two and shearing its arm from its body.Although the emperor was mightily embarrassed when he realized he was parading naked, he preferred knowing the truth.There are others who often do not leave their cars but are mightily impressed without recognising the various summits by name.It was mightily impressive bowling by any standards, and with his left hand in plaster it was quite remarkable.The country has changed mightily in recent years.Among others, the work of two pairs of designers is still mightily influential in California design.Trondur hauled in mightily on the harpoon line.Ipswich chief George Burley was mightily relieved after five defeats.But hardly able to stand such an insult, she returns, mightily testing both his faith and his pocketbook.Taylor has struggled mightily to help her daughter.
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