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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmightymight‧y1 /ˈmaɪti/ ●●○ adjective (comparative mightier, superlative mightiest) literary  IMPRESSvery strong and powerful, or very big and impressive the mighty Mississippi river a mighty army high and mighty at high1(26)
Examples from the Corpus
mightyAbove all we give thanks to thee for that thou art mighty.The cannon explodes with a mighty crack.Denver ran a mighty interference and on the third day flat-out asked Paul D how long he was going to hang around.Their only win was a 1-point thriller, at home, over those mighty Minnesota Timberwolves.But the vehicle itself is the mighty transnational corporation.Dedicated to All Saints, the church is tucked away behind mighty trees on a high bank of the river.mighty warriorsAh, the roar of nations, they roar like the roaring of mighty waters!
mightymighty2 adverb  American English informalVERY very You seem mighty sure of your facts. They got out of there mighty fast, I can tell you.
Examples from the Corpus
mightyThat's a mighty big fish.Because the inside of the nose is mighty irritated, you involuntarily sneeze to clear it.You seem mighty sure of it.
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