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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmildlymild‧ly /ˈmaɪldli/ ●○○ adverb  1 LITTLE/NOT VERYslightly The drug is only mildly addictive. I felt mildly depressed.2 to put it mildly3 CALMin a gentle way without being angry ‘Of course I don’t mind, ’ she answered mildly.
Examples from the Corpus
mildly"Perhaps, " she answered mildly.But the depth of the dislike of the Tory leadership surprised everybody, to put it mildly.Tomorrow's Woman was mildly enthusiastic about a proposed series of astrological interviews with celebrities from all walks of life.His manner was mildly flirtatious and he had a tendency to glance in my direction, showing off, I suspect.McKee was only mildly interested.Flux can be mildly irritating so avoid getting it into cuts or grazes.He had inherited it as an agreeable but mildly onerous responsibility, together with her considerable fortune.Thornton also stars as a mildly retarded man who returns to his hometown after 25 years in a mental institution.She realised that he hadn't ever responded to her first mildly scolding words as they left the Hamiltons'.
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