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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishmilesmilesinformalFAR a very long distancemiles from We were miles from home, and very tired.miles away You can’t go to Portsmouth, it’s miles away.for miles You can see for miles from here. They lived in a little cottage miles from anywhere (=a long way from the nearest town). mile
Examples from the Corpus
miles from anywhereIt is 50 miles from anywhere.She pulled up in a fair-sized stableyard attached to a farm which appeared to be miles from anywhere.If I were out in the country, miles from anywhere, this obsession might be understandable.Especially if you come upon one at night, all lit up, eating away under banks of lights miles from anywhere.Soon, she would be left in the darkness, in the middle of an ocean, thousands of miles from anywhere.We're miles from anywhere else.We were still out in empty space miles from anywhere.