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miles out

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmiles outmiles outBritish English informalWRONG/INCORRECT a measurement, guess, or calculation that is miles out is completely wrong mile
Examples from the Corpus
miles outWe were five miles out of Sabinal in the cotton fields and grape vineyards.Four miles out, turn left down a track.Spurn is a long thin peninsula, jutting three-and-a-half miles out from the North Humberside mainland.The islands in the channel looked grim and deserted, twenty-six miles out.Terry and Ian Whelan were six miles out to sea off Southport's coast when they dropped the compass.We lost the last of the press about thirty miles out of the city.Three miles out from Scheffau is the beautiful Hintersteinersee lake, where you can swim, picnic or just enjoy the scenery.Once, when dusk caught us miles out in the country, an old couple took us in for the night.
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