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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmilitantmil‧i‧tant /ˈmɪlɪtənt/ ●○○ adjective  EXTREMEa militant organization or person is willing to use strong or violent action in order to achieve political or social change militant political activists a militant animal rights group After the assassination of Martin Luther King, black leaders became more militant.militant noun [countable] right-wing militantsmilitancy noun [uncountable] an increase in trade union militancymilitantly adverb a militantly anti-communist group
Examples from the Corpus
militantIt fell to later apostles to make public religion more militant.And even if the defence took militant forms, its boundaries were defined by extant relations of production.Yassin is the founder of the militant Islamic movement Hamas.Although the court found that she was not a militant member of the guerrilla group, she received a maximum sentence.The United States saw the militant nationalist Lumumba as a commun ist sympathiser.militant nationalistsThe Reform commission soon became the most militant of all the defense agencies.This latest move is seen mainly as a sop to the increasingly militant, student-led protests demanding an immediate trial.
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