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militiamanmi‧li‧tia‧man /məˈlɪʃəmən/ noun (plural militiamen /-mən/) [countable]  PMa member of a militia
Examples from the Corpus
militiamanDuring the fighting in Beirut large numbers of armed militiamen had appeared on the streets.Five hundred militiamen were sent to the scene, but to no avail.In Maydan Shar on Aug. 17,100 Kabul militiamen were reportedly killed in heavy fighting with mujaheddin forces.The Nationalists' military advances were everywhere marked by the slaughter of leftist militiamen and of known left-wing and Republican activists.Now, no militiaman says anything to them, even though it is against the law.A heavy police contingent, with more than 100 jeeps and bus loads of militiamen in reserve, separated the two sides.Magistrate Peck's on his way there with a whole lot of militiamen.He crossed the road well ahead of the militiamen and rode into the encampment where the wedding was still being celebrated.
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