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milk chocolate

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milk chocolateˌmilk ˈchocolate noun [uncountable]  DFchocolate that has milk added to itplain chocolate
Examples from the Corpus
milk chocolateMy appetite dwindled and even my favourite food, milk chocolate, failed to raise my morale.Stir one third into the hot milk chocolate custard and the rest into the plain.In milk chocolate, white chocolate and semisweet, it sells for $ 25.SuperMario Mini rolls are chocolate flavoured mini rolls, covered in real milk chocolate, with a chocolate buttercream filling.The wood is a brown color a little deeper than milk chocolate, smooth with rounded edges for aerodynamics.For a quick snack I turned to milk chocolate.For a dairy cake, you can use milk chocolate and butter.It was thickly covered with milk chocolate, which increased the sickly sweetness of the ice-cream to a nauseous intensity.
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