Language: Old English
Origin: meolc, milc


1 noun
Related topics: Drink, Babies, Birth, Agriculture
milk1 S2 W3
1DFD [uncountable] a white liquid produced by cows or goats that is drunk by people:
a bottle of milk
Would you like some milk in your tea?
a pint of semi-skimmed milk
2MBDHB [uncountable] a white liquid produced by female animals and women for feeding their babies:
mothers who believe that breast milk is best for their babies
The tiny fox cubs drink nothing but their mother's milk.
3HBP [uncountable] a liquid or juice produced by particular plants, especially the coconut
4 [uncountable and countable] a thin white liquid used to clean or protect skin [= lotion]:
a mild facial cleansing milk

the milk of human kindness

literary the kind and sympathetic behaviour of most ordinary people
evaporated milk

➔ cry over spilt milk

at cry1 (3)

➔ land of milk and honey

at land1 (8)

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