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milkymilk‧y /ˈmɪlki/ adjective  1 DFDcontaining a lot of milk a cup of milky coffee2 LIQUIDlooking, smelling, or tasting like milk a sweet, milky flavour3 DCBHBHmilky skin is white and smooth her beautiful milky complexion4 literary white or pale His eyes were a pale milky blue.
Examples from the Corpus
milkySpit fell from its mouth and froze into a pale milky beard.After a day of trial and error, triumph and tantrum, our baby's down and milky calm.milky coffeeShe was right on the other side of the shower door, her plump form vaguely defined through the milky glass.Overhead, a black patch of pine needles caught in the troughs of the milky green roof.The tree has a milky sap.They were cloudy colours, pale and subtle with the milky sheen of pearls.In this plant was a milky substance which was a drastic purge and irritant.
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