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millenniummil‧len‧ni‧um /mɪˈleniəm/ ●○○ noun (plural millennia /-niə/) [countable]  1 TMCa period of 1,000 years people who have inhabited this land for millennia2 [usually singular]TM the time when a new 1,000-year period begins the beginning of a new millennium events which took place at the turn of the last millenniummillennial adjective
Examples from the Corpus
millenniumThe medieval, Renaissance and modern collections cover more than a millennium, from the Dark Ages to the interwar period.Let there be a new treaty that deals with the realities of a new millennium.As the new millennium dawned and women came steadily closer to the top, executives at the summit began to grow uneasy.As the new millennium opened, money talked.The circle seems unbroken, and now, in this new millennium, Showcase promises to be even more successful.As the end of the second millennium approaches, mankind is in a different mood.It has a number on it, but not the number of the second millennium.What did you do to celebrate the millennium?As we move towards the end of the millennium the Association is increasingly widening its horizons.
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