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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmillisecondmil‧li‧sec‧ond /ˈmɪlɪˌsekənd/ noun [countable]  a unit for measuring time. There are 1,000 milliseconds in one second.
Examples from the Corpus
millisecondThe centre engine started first and then the opposite pairs fired up at 300 millisecond intervals.It all takes place in a tenth of a millisecond.It is worth nothing that the X-ray emission from Cygnus X-1 is irregular and flickers on a millisecond time-scale.If the entire index is in main storage, the correct cylinder to search is located in well under a millisecond.A millisecond before and he would have been trapped.A millisecond later doesn't bear considering.The pulsar is a member of the slowly growing class of millisecond pulsars with low-mass companions.It is possible to detect individual pulses from this millisecond pulsar with high signal-to-noise ratio in unbroken trains.
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