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millpondmill‧pond /ˈmɪlpɒnd $ -pɑːnd/ noun [countable]  DNa very small lake that supplies water to turn the wheel of a watermill
Examples from the Corpus
millpondIn one poem William Ix said that a closely guarded married woman was as bad a prospect as a millpond without fish.The grass seemed to flow on for ever like a millpond sea.The islands rose sheer out of a millpond sea, pillars of white limestone with ochre splotches capped in crinkly green.The week after, there was a millpond under a vivid blue sky - with matching hammerhead shark cruising the northern limits.A man-made millpond with a splashing waterfall can be seen and heard from the rear rooms.Although the wheel has gone, the millpond is well maintained and is home to a great assortment of wildlife.All I had were some trout in the freezer by courtesy of the millpond.This time a few, reluctant drops spattered the millpond surface but did not disturb it.
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