Date: 1500-1600
Origin: mimic 'copying' (16-21 centuries), from Latin mimicus, from Greek, from mimos; MIME1


1 verb
Related topics: Animals
mim‧ic1 past tense and past participle mimicked, present participle mimicking [transitive]
1 to copy the way someone speaks or behaves, especially in order to make people laugh [= imitate, take off]:
He could mimic all the teachers' accents.
'I'm so sorry,' she mimicked.
2 to behave or operate in exactly the same way as something or someone else:
Europe should not try to mimic Japan: we have to find our own path to successful modernisation.
The drug mimics the action of the body's own chemicals.
3HBA if an animal mimics something, it looks or sounds very like it:
a fly whose size and colour exactly mimics that of the wasp
mimicry noun [uncountable]
He has a gift for mimicry.

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