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minaretmin‧a‧ret /ˌmɪnəˈret, ˈmɪnəret/ noun [countable]  TBa tall thin tower on a mosque, from which Muslims are called to prayer
Examples from the Corpus
minaretAround the door was a wooden cut-out shaped like a minaret.Poplar leaves have an elegant outline resembling that of an arab minaret.To Western eyes, the house looks like the Taj Mahal, its minarets jutting above a domed roof.They left alone the old town with its souks, square, palaces and its impressive Koutoubia minaret.The fourteenth-century Blue Mosque now has cracks in the walls and a dangerously leaning minaret.From the minaret, the muezzin's call to prayer mingled with the gentle serenade of mariachis.Overhead, flights of pigeons wheeled through the minarets, cutting over the heads of the congregation towards the Red Fort.But the shimmering white minaret, and the impressive dome, designed to shelter 3,500 worshippers, are deceptive.
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