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mind you

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmind youmind you (also mind) British EnglishBUT used when saying something that is almost the opposite of what you have just said, or that explains or emphasizes it He looks very young in this photo. Mind you, it was taken years ago. I love hot weather, but not too hot, mind. mind
Examples from the Corpus
mind youAlice Caldwell obviously had not clarified in her own mind what she wanted her memo to accomplish.All-natural, healthy pills, mind you.But in my own mind I could like verbalize it either way.In his mind he ran over his plan.Not what words did Madison and Hamilton use, but what was it in their minds which they conveyed?With one part of her bemused and disorientated mind she knew that she must call a halt - right now!It wasn't excellent, mind you, but it was a definite improvement.I think that in your mind you should not be second to anyone.