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mind your own business

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmind your own businessmind your own businessINTERFERE informal to not ask questions about a situation that does not involve you Why don’t you just mind your own business and leave me in peace? I wish he’d mind his own business. mind
Examples from the Corpus
mind your own businessI wish you'd stop interfering and mind your own business.He also fired his lawyer and told civil libertarians to mind their own business.His life had been well-ordered and reasonably happy, he thought, by minding his own business.I asked her if he'd returned home and she told me to mind my own business.She hoped he didn't interpret them as telling him to mind his own business.Then I felt a fool and decided to leave it and mind my own business.He had not minded his own business as a man of seventy in New York should do.Folks in Montana tend to value their privacy, to the point that minding your own business is considered a virtue.I was minding my own business, sleeping, when I heard something.
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