Language: Old English
Origin: gemynd


1 noun
Related topics: Human
mind1 S1 W1

ability to think and imagine

[uncountable and countable]HBH your thoughts or your ability to think, feel, and imagine things:
It is impossible to understand the complex nature of the human mind.
Mind and body are closely related.
Meditation involves focusing the mind on a single object or word.
in somebody's mind
There was no doubt in my mind that it was the right decision to make.
Do you have a clear picture in your mind of what you want?
A plan began to form in his mind.
The event is still fresh in most people's minds.
independence/strength/flexibility of mind
men who were chosen for their independence of mind

change your mind

to change your decision, plan, or opinion about something:
I was afraid that Liz would change her mind and take me back home.
change your mind about
If you change your mind about the colour scheme, it's easy to just paint over it.

make up your mind/make your mind up

a) to decide which of two or more choices you want, especially after thinking for a long time:
I wish he'd hurry up and make his mind up.
make up your mind/make your mind up about
He couldn't make up his mind about what to do with the money.
make up your mind whether
Karen couldn't make up her mind whether to apply for membership or not.
b) to become very determined to do something, so that you will not change your decision:
No more argument My mind is made up.
make up your mind to do something
He had clearly made up his mind to end the affair.
make up your mind that
I made up my mind there and then that I would never get married.
c) to decide what your opinion is about someone or something
make up your mind/make your mind up about
I could never really make my mind up about him.
You're old enough to make your own mind up about smoking.

have somebody/something in mind (for something)

to have an idea about who or what you want for a particular purpose:
It was a nice house, but it wasn't quite what we had in mind.
Did you have anyone in mind for the job?
Have you any particular colour in mind for the bedroom?

bear/keep somebody/something in mind

to remember or think about someone or something when you are doing something:
It's a good idea - I'll keep it in mind.
You must always keep the reader in mind when writing a report.
Floor tiles can be difficult to clean - worth keeping in mind when you choose a new floor.
bear/keep in mind that
Bear in mind that the price does not include flights.
More money should be given to housing, bearing in mind (=because of) the problem of homelessness.

with somebody/something in mind

considering someone or something when doing something, and taking suitable action:
Most gardens designed with children in mind are safe but dull.
With these aims in mind, the school operates a broad-based curriculum.

on your/somebody's mind

a) if something is on your mind, you keep thinking or worrying about it:
He looked as though he had something on his mind.
Sorry I forgot. I've got a lot on my mind (=a lot of problems to worry about) at the moment.
b) if something is on your mind, that is what you are thinking about:
She's the type of person who just says what's on her mind.

get/put somebody/something out of your mind

also put somebody/something to the back of your mind to stop yourself thinking about someone or something:
I just can't seem to get her out of my mind.
You've got to try and put him out of your mind.
She put her disappointment to the back of her mind and concentrated on Dana.

cross/enter somebody's mind

also come into somebody's mind [not in progressive] if something crosses your mind, you have a thought or idea:
It never crossed my mind that Lisa might be lying.
Suddenly a horrible thought came into my mind.

go/run/flash etc through somebody's mind

if something goes through your mind, you have a thought, especially for a short time:
She knew what was going through his mind.
All kinds of questions ran through my mind.
After the accident, one of the things that went through my mind was whether I would be able to drive again.

come/spring to mind

[not in progressive] if something comes or springs to mind, you suddenly or immediately think of it:
I just used the first excuse which sprang to mind.
A memory of last night came to mind, and he smiled.
Fatherhood doesn't immediately spring to mind when you think of James.
! Do not say that something 'comes to your mind' or 'springs to your mind'. Say that it comes to mind or springs to mind.


[countable] used to talk about the way that someone thinks and the type of thoughts they have:
He has a very devious mind.
My naturally suspicious mind thought he might be lying.


[countable usually singular] your intelligence and ability to think, rather than your emotions:
a mind trained to react with split-second accuracy
a brilliant/enquiring/logical etc mind
a bright child with an enquiring mind

intelligent person

[countable] someone who is very intelligent, especially in a particular subject or activity [= brain]:
This is one of the issues that has most interested military minds.
Some of the finest minds in the country are working on the project.

state/frame of mind

the way someone is thinking and feeling at a particular time:
What happened had a lot to do with my state of mind at the time.
in a good/positive/relaxed etc frame of mind
She returned from lunch in a happier frame of mind.
in the right/wrong frame of mind
You have to be in the right frame of mind to play well.

to/in my mind

used to show you are giving your opinion about something:
The Internet, to my mind, represents information exchange at its best.

go/turn over something in your mind

to keep thinking about something because you are trying to understand it or solve a problem:
Corbett rode along, turning over in his mind what Bruce had said.

be the last thing on somebody's mind

also be the furthest thing from somebody's mind to be the thing that someone is least likely to be thinking about:
Insurance was the last thing on my mind when we set off that day.

take/keep/get somebody's mind off something

to make someone stop thinking and worrying about something:
Going back to work helped take my mind off my Ian's death.
Want a game? It might take your mind off things.

set/put somebody's mind at rest

also set/put somebody's mind at ease to make someone feel less worried or anxious:
If you're worried, see a doctor to set your mind at rest.

it/that is a load/weight off somebody's mind

informal used to say that someone does not have to worry about something any more

prey on somebody's mind

also play on somebody's mind if a problem preys on your mind, you cannot stop thinking about it:
Finally, she broached the subject that had been playing on her mind for days.

no one in their right mind ...

also who in their right mind ...? informal used to say that someone must be stupid or crazy to do something:
Who in their right mind would want to do that job?
No woman in her right mind would go out with a man like him.

be out of your mind

informal to be stupid or crazy:
He must have been out of his mind to employ her.

be out of your mind with worry/grief etc

also be worried/bored etc out of your mind to be extremely worried, bored etc:
It was getting late and I was out of my mind with worry.

go out of your mind

also lose your mind informalMP to become mentally ill or very worried, bored etc:
Nicole looked at him as if he'd gone out of his mind.

somebody's mind goes blank

also somebody's mind is a blank informal if your mind goes blank, you suddenly cannot remember something:
For some inexplicable reason, her mind went completely blank.
His heart was thumping and his mind was a complete blank.

go (right/clean) out of somebody's mind

also slip somebody's mind if something goes out of your mind, you forget it, especially because you are very busy:
I'm sorry. So much has been happening, it went clean out of my mind.
It had completely slipped her mind that Dave still had a key to the house.

bring/call something to mind

a) to make you think of someone or something:
The wine's sweet nutty taste calls to mind roasted chestnuts.
b) formal to remember something:
The only thing I could call to mind was something my mother once said.

put somebody in mind of somebody/something

[not in progressive] formal to remind someone of someone or something:
The girl put me in mind of my own daughter.

stick/stay in somebody's mind

if a name, fact etc sticks in your mind, you remember it for a long time:
For some reason, the name really stuck in Joe's mind.
One line from the poem had stayed in her mind.

be of one mind/of the same mind/of like mind

formal to have the same opinions as someone else:
It can be difficult to meet others of like mind.
be of one mind/of the same mind/of like mind on/about
The council and the government are of one mind on the long-term objective.

have a mind of your own

a) to have strong opinions about things, and make your own decisions without being influenced by other people:
She's a woman without fear, with a mind of her own, who says what she thinks.
b) if an object has a mind of its own, it seems to control itself and does not work or move in the way you want it to:
The bicycle seemed to have a mind of its own and I couldn't steer it straight.

put/set/turn your mind to something

to decide that you want to achieve something and try very hard to do it:
I think anyone can lose weight if they set their mind to it.

somebody's mind is not on something

if your mind is not on what you are doing, you are not thinking much about it because you are thinking or worrying about something else:
His mind didn't seem to be on the game at all.

keep your mind on something

to keep paying attention to something, even though it is difficult:
He could hardly keep his mind on what she was saying.
keep your mind on the job/task in hand
Making notes is the best way of keeping your mind on the task at hand.

somebody's mind wanders

if your mind wanders, you no longer pay attention to something, especially because you are bored:
Her mind was beginning to wander.

somebody's mind is racing

if your mind is racing, you are thinking very quickly and hard about something because you are excited, frightened etc:
He tried to reassure her, but Carrie's mind was racing.

it's all in the mind

used to tell someone that they have imagined something and it does not really exist:
He's one of those doctors who say you're not really sick and it's all in the mind.

in your mind's eye

if you see something in your mind's eye, you imagine or remember clearly what it looks like:
She paused, imagining the scene in her mind's eye.

have it in mind

formal to intend to do something
have it in mind to do something
For a long time I had it in mind to write a book about my experiences.
have it in mind that
I had it in mind that one day I might move to Spain.

have half a mind to do something

a) also have a good mind to do something used to say that you might do something to show that you disapprove of something someone has done:
I've a good mind to tell him exactly what I think.
I've half a mind to stop him seeing her altogether.
b) used to say that you may decide to do something:
I've half a mind to come with you tomorrow.

mind over matter

used to say that you can use your thoughts to control physical feelings or an unpleasant situation:
I'm scared, yes, but it's a case of mind over matter.

➔ in/at the back of your mind

at back2 (6)

➔ blow somebody's mind

at blow1 (15)

➔ cast your mind back

at cast1 (9)

➔ a closed mind

at closed (4)

➔ be in/at/to the forefront of somebody's mind/attention

at forefront (2)

➔ give somebody a piece of your mind

at piece1 (13)

➔ great minds think alike

at great1 (15)

➔ know your own mind

at know1 (50)

➔ the mind boggles

at boggle

➔ meeting of minds

at meeting (5)
one-track mind

➔ an open mind

at open1 (16)

➔ out of sight, out of mind

at sight1 (8)

➔ peace of mind

at peace (3), presence of mind

➔ read somebody's mind

at read1 (15)

➔ set your heart/mind/sights on (doing) something

at set1 (13)

➔ be of sound mind

at sound3 (5)

➔ speak your mind

at speak (7)

➔ be in two minds

at two (9)

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