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mindermind‧er /ˈmaɪndə $ -ər/ noun [countable] British English  BOPROTECTsomeone who is employed to protect another person syn bodyguard childminder
Examples from the Corpus
minderFour songs into the set the dark figures of Morrissey and minder were seen to leave the building.The ferry crews on regular service between Harwich and the Hook evidently took to their unexpected role as child minders.Kylie will often shop in Kensington without her minders, dressed in dark glasses for anonymity.Now that he was the official minder of Firelight, he did her before he went off.Palmer will act as Paul Gascoigne's minder.The two minders were either side of Marcus now and the floor jumped at him.Leaves any babies with minder - can't take time off to bring them up.
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