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mineral water

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mineral waterˈmineral ˌwater noun [countable, uncountable]  DFDwater that comes from under the ground and contains a lot of minerals a glass of mineral water
Examples from the Corpus
mineral waterThey drink mineral water piped into the Imperial and heated to 70 degrees Celsius and receive regular treatment.His face turned up in Vogue, and he made commercials for mineral water.Bottles of mineral water are scattered throughout the courtroom, and interpreters provide almost simultaneous translations.During the day I drink only mineral water, fresh fruit juice, coffee or tea.Dudley orders a spicy lentil soup and a bottle of sparkling mineral water.Indeed, Schiffer's natural beauty is as uncomplicated as the mineral water that she appears to live on.In 1924 a friend told him that another polio victim had received helpful therapy from warm mineral water in the South.He replenished Justin's glass with mineral water, then retired to take notes.
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